Hello! My name is Darren Stehle and I’m a Writer, an Entrepreneur and a Health & Fitness Coach.

Coming Monday, March 17, 2014, this site will become www.EatMoveBe.com!

Have you ever asked yourself:

Darren Stehle

  • “How can I cook dinner at home when I work long hours?”
  • “How can I eat healthy meals at home when I don’t know how to cook?”
  • “Is there something else I can do besides lifting weights to get fit?”
  • “How much exercise do I need to do in the week to get healthy and lose weight?
  • “How am I supposed to know what diet to follow and if it’s safe?”
  • “How can I spend more time with my kids, my partner, my friends, or just time to myself?”

You’re not alone in feeling this way. In fact, Most of us have asked ourselves one or more of the above questions (or similar) at various times in life.

My goal with Eat∙Move∙Be is to help you find solutions to the above questions by,

  • Having healthy, nutritious and delicious meals, cooked from scratch, and always available;
  • Partaking in daily, frequent movement (as simple as a long walk) and regular physical exercise that challenges your muscles and aerobic abilities, and;
  • Being your best, learning how to evolve as a better person, never selling yourself short, and never giving up on your dreams and desires.

Join the Eat∙Move∙Be community and I’ll send you my free eBook, 10 Secrets of Bulk Meal Planning.

10 Secrets Of Bulk Meal Planning

Here’s the Book’s Table of Contents:

  1. Clean up while you cook
  2. Buy food storage containers
  3. Invest in quality kitchen cookware
  4. Meal Planning Preparation
  5. Plan your cooking sequence
  6. Healthy grocery shopping
  7. Healthy food staples
  8. Make your meals delicious
  9. Invest in quality knives
  10. Cook every meal in bulk

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Be well!
~Darren Stehle


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