Thanksgiving: Binge or Diet?


Healthy Eating at Thanksgiving

This is the kicker for so many. “I couldn’t help myself.” “The food just kept coming.” “But the deserts looked so yummy.” “How can I stay on my diet?” Be kind to yourself. Have fun. Eat some of the things you don’t normally do. Make a commitment to yourself about what you will and won’t eat (and how much you will or will not drink).


One of the keys is to take smaller servings. Finish what’s on your plate before  you go back for seconds. Rest five minutes between servings. Don’t pile up your plate at the buffet… that’s why it’s a buffet: you can go back for more. Eat as nutritiously as you can and then you might not overeat at the desert table!

Have you decided that you are going to eat all the things you don’t want to? Fine. Get over it. Then commit to doing what it takes to stay in shape after the festivities are over.

Keeping Active

Make time for an intense workout (strength training and/or cardio) the day before or on the morning of Thanksgiving. This will help to rev up  your metabolism before the big meal.

After the Thanksgiving feast, take a walk after dinner. Try to go for at least 30 minutes. Walk with a friend or family member. This will help you digest and feel better especially if you ate too much. For the morning after, another long walk, a run, or going to the gym will help. You know the exercise will make you feel better, even if you only do half of what you normally do! If you can keep to your exercise routine you might find you have less cravings, less stress and even less chance of catching a cold at this time of year.


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