What Am I Eating?

Eating healthy is easy and simple. Knowing how to cook helps, but that’s a skill you can learn and master. Keeping things simple is one of the biggest keys to eating well and staying lean.

This is what I ate for my second meal today (10:30am): Chicken breast cooked in a tomato sauce (50% sauce, 50% water), broccoli and sweet potato. Notice the portion sizes. I have at least twice the amount of vegetables to meat and no processed carbs (like bread, rice, pasta, etc.).

Here is what I had for breakfast yesterday morning. Boneless pork chop (cooked in the oven) with broccoli and a large tomato. Again notice the portion sizes.

I’ve been following the advice of Tom Dyer of Ultimate City Fitness, and have removed most processed and starchy carbs, and limited my fruit consumption. I haven’t eaten rice in the past 10 days and have only had a few slices of bread in the past 7-days. I’ve limited my fruit to 1-3 servings depending on my level of physical activity that day, and how I felt energetically. I seem to need a couple portions of fruit so that I don’t feel like I’m crashing, even when eating five meals per day that look like the pictures above.

The thing I’ve noticed is that if I have a meal like the above for breakfast I have MUCH more energy, and I feel full longer. I’m now having eggs later in the day, if that’s a meal selection, instead of at breakfast, because they don’t fill me up as much as chicken, steak or fish.

Food for thought…

Be well.

© 2012 Darren Stehle. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. […] Now you have a healthy lunch or dinner and prepared food to store! A good rule of thumb for portion sizes is to use your fist as a measure. One fist-sized portion of meat and two fist-sized portions of vegetables. In this case, chicken, sweet potato and brocolli. […]

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