Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Lack of Integrity and Ethics Require his Resignation

Petition calling for the immediate resignation of Rob Ford

Rob Ford has disgraced the city of Toronto.

Rob Ford’s association and proximity with a number of known and convicted criminals begs the question of his own innocence, ethics, and a severe lack of judgment.

Given the intense scrutiny of the police investigation that directly involves Rob Ford it is incumbent upon him to resign his position immediately until the investigation concludes.

Rob Ford is the mayor of the city of Toronto and we demand honesty, truthfulness, and accountability.

We can no longer expect or believe the ability of Rob Ford to live up to those virtues.

In Canada we believe someone is innocent until proven guilty. Rob Ford has not been proven guilty.

However, we the citizens of Toronto, also demand ethical behaviour and democratic process.

In the recent case of Mayor Hazel McCallion, a lawyer for her accuser in the conflict-of-interest case quoted John F Kennedy, saying that the responsibility of government is “unwavering integrity, absolute impartiality and complete devotion to the public interest.” [Source]

Mayor Ford’s integrity has been called into question too many times in his short reign. The release of the video he denied every existing is the strongest case yet against his integrity.

“…local government has been described as the “training ground for democracy” and a “matter of democratic principle”; upholding these principles requires municipal governance to be conducted ethically such that trust exists between the community and councillors that serve the community.” [Source ]

I no longer trust Mayor Ford. I believe that since yesterday thousands of Toronto citizens no longer trust the mayor.

“The need to maintain integrity in public office is of paramount importance and requires elected offices to be held at a very high objective standard of care.” [Source]

Mayor Ford’s integrity is at question. Again, he has not been proven guilty, but his actions and his associations raise alarming and serious questions. His actions and ‘secret meetings’ beg the question of his good judgement. What is he hiding?

Political ‘in camera’ meetings are normally held in council chambers and not with a suspected drug dealer (Alexander Lisi) behind the Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy school and elsewhere. [Source]

Rob Ford stating that he cannot comment about the release of the video showing him with crack dealers (the one he said that did not exist — which clearly makes him a liar), and then repeating his mantra, “I’m going to go back, return my phone calls, do what I’m elected to do, save taxpayers’ money and run a government,” — which is his go to catchphrase every single time he refuses to answer question — is entirely unacceptable. [Source]

Rob Ford is a bully.

Rob Ford has been shown to associate himself with questionable individuals (some of whom are members of his staff).

Rob Ford does questionable things like meeting now convicted criminals in a parking lot and having private discussions in his SUV.

This is not the sort of behavior that the great city of Toronto expects from its mayor.

We demand accountability.

We demand the immediate resignation of Mayor Rob Ford.

At this point it does not matter if he’s guilty or innocent. What matters is that the city get back the respect it deserves.

The rest of the world is laughing at Toronto. Why? Because Mayor Rob Ford is a buffoon and is irresponsible. His behaviour and actions are unacceptable.

Please, sign the petition here to call for Rob Ford’s immediate resignation.


~Darren Stehle, concerned citizen of Toronto


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