My Top 5 Articles of All Time

Most bloggers do their “Top 10” or “Best Of” in the first few weeks of January.

I’m excited to announce that this is going to be my last post on However, this isn’t the end of my online journey. My new site, Eat∙Move∙Be, is launching in just over a week and it will be so much more than what I have accomplished on this blog. I look forward to seeing you there.

Without further fanfare, here are…

My Top 5 Articles of All Time

1. Working Out First Thing In the Morning

Knowing that you have done the most important thing in your day first – taking care of you – helps you to better face the challenges ahead.

Probably the shortest post I’ve written on my blog, but I think the brevity contributed to the impact.

2. Top Nutrition Tip #2: Drink Water All Day Long

When you are thirsty it is already ‘too late’.

I covered a number of reasons why water is so important. In fact, I think I’ll pour myself a glass of filtered water right now…

3. 15 Hacks for Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditionally times of excess — too much food, too many deserts , far too much alcohol, and all at the same time.

I had so much fun writing this article. In part I wanted to experiment with a ‘list post’ to see how it would do. Then I decided to really work on the list titles for humour and to keep the reader interested. Funny thing is that I forgot to use numbers for the list! But there are indeed 15 hacks.

4. Does Posture Affect Self-Image Or Do Emotions Affect Posture?

When the mind and body are at ease everything moves without hindrance.

This was an older article that I re-edited and re-published. It has a  different feel, tone-wise, from many of my other articles. It feels more like an essay. It’s one of my favourite articles because of what I learned with my client that promoted me to write about it.

5. The Weekly Cooking Ritual

This was my first, and only attempt, at a slide show. I felt I needed to detail my weekly bulk cooking process. Yup, I need to make videos, and soon!

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Be well!
~Darren Stehle

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