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Let’s Get Acquainted!

Me and my dog, Buster

I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1965. Growing up I experienced a number of health issues including ADHD and various food allergies that made me sick as an infant and as a child. I was also diagnosed dyslexic in grade 1 or 2 and that made paying attention and learning very difficult. My health issues made me something of an outcast at school. In retrospect, these challenges have led me to study personal development, health, nutrition and fitness.

It is from the place of understanding myself and my body that, I want to help others to take pride in their body and to eat well to be well.

Memorable Moments

In 1986, shortly after high school, I backpacked across Europe, Israel and Egypt for four months. It was a wonderful experience and I learned some amazing lessons about respect, cultures and people. Since then, world travel has been one of my greatest passions.


I spent a year at Chef School (I’m a great cook!). I realized that I loved to cook, but I didn’t want to be a chef full-time. I then studied at Carleton University in Ottawa where I fell in love with German language and literature. I had the great fortune to spend two summers attending intensive language programs in Germany and also a year living in Germany to work on my Master’s thesis.

Turning Point

At 30 I hit a major crossroad – in fact, it was something like a breaking point. I felt stuck in my Masters and needed to do something ‘bigger than me’, as opposed to having my head stuck in books. I wanted to make an impact in some way, specifically in my own community. I landed a dream job and spent the next 10 years working for Pink Triangle Press, helping create millions of dollars in revenue to support the company and its role in Canadian gay and lesbian media.

Movement, Fitness and Health

I have been working-out since I was 20. It’s really my sport. I love competing against myself, keeping my body in top shape, and knowing all I need to know about nutrition and physical health. In 2001 I realized I had a talent for training and it dawned on me that I should pursue personal training and coaching as my next career.

Over the years working with clients, the number one question that kept showing up was: 

‘How can I impart my knowledge to more people, while I’m only working with one person at a time?’


On Monday, March 03, 2014, this site will evolve into EatMoveBe.com

My goal with Eat∙Move∙Be is to help you find solutions to the above questions by,

  • Having healthy, nutritious and delicious meals, cooked from scratch, and always available;
  • Partaking in daily, frequent movement (as simple as a long walk) and regular physical exercise that challenges your muscles and aerobic abilities, and;
  • Being your best, learning how to evolve as a better person, never selling yourself short, and never giving up on your dreams and desires.

Join the Eat∙Move∙Be community and I’ll send you my free eBook, 10 Secrets of Bulk Meal Planning.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Clean up while you cook10 Secrets Of Bulk Meal Planning
  2. Buy food storage containers
  3. Invest in quality kitchen cookware
  4. Meal Planning Preparation
  5. Plan your cooking sequence
  6. Healthy grocery shopping
  7. Healthy food staples
  8. Make your meals delicious
  9. Invest in quality knives
  10. Cook every meal in bulk

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Be well!
~Darren Stehle


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