Personal Training

When we work together we start with what you want to achieve: how you want to feel; how you want your body to look; or how you want to improve athletically for your sport.

Getting there with professional coaching offers accountability, injury prevention and partnership. My role is to guide you to succeed while having fun and making you feel great about your body.

The frequently in which you work with me is decided by you. You own the results you desire to obtain. believe in transferring skills, increasing ability, and enhancing knowledge. Whether you work with me on a weekly basis or for each new program stage to review, learn and move forward, the choice is always yours.

Results can only be measured against a plan.

The same is true for your health, fitness, and sports performance. This is why every client receives a written program designed for you and modified over time. Records are kept of what you have achieved so that we both know if we are on track to achieving your goals. 

Best of all training with me is fun!

Me and my dog, Buster

What makes me different?

From 2003 to 2007 I was part of the King Sports International Coach Mentoring Program; a system based on Coach Ian King’s methods for excellence in training the elite athlete, as well as training in client services.

However, the key to achieving your fitness goals is your nutrition and what you eat. What makes me unique in the Personal Training industry is this very site you are reading.

My years of cooking experience and learning about nutrition are one of my biggest assets to help you get the body you want. I can advise you in nutrition, meal planning, and I can teach you how to cook to attain your fitness and health goals.

This combination of specialized education and mentoring, my holistic approach to health and fitness, and a compassionate understanding of my clients’ needs, lifestyle and goals has afforded me a unique approach to health and fitness coaching.

Step 1: Initial Assessment

The initial health and fitness assessment/consultation takes one hour.

We work together on a 5-step process consisting of:

  1. An in-depth interview to gather historical information on any injuries, sport and training history, health issues, lifestyle, nutrition, etc.’
  2. A physical assessment analyzing posture, gait, flexibility and tension’
  3. A feedback session to discuss what has been discovered;
  4. Education as required, essentially offering corrections based on the assessment and interview; and,
  5. Goal-setting that will be documented – this will include the ways in which you want to improve your health and fitness regime as it stands at the moment.

Step 2: Coaching & Personal Training

Following the assessment I will design your program based on your goals and the information discovered in your assessment and interview.

The next steps involve coaching you on your custom-designed program: meeting on a weekly basis or for the number of sessions required to deliver and teach your program.

There is a direct correlation between working with me on a weekly basis and how quickly, efficiently, and safely you will achieve results. Working with me on a weekly basis offers you the benefit of continual encouragement, accountability, observation, technique correction, feedback and fun!

If you are motivated to train on your own, or are on a budget, but you recognize the value in having a professional customize your physical fitness program, we will meet to review and teach your new program.

The number of sessions will depend on:

  1. The number of training days in the week of the program;
  2. The physical qualities to be taught (Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Endurance);
  3. Discussion and planning of other issues such as nutrition and diet; and,
  4. Treatment as required (assisted stretching and other techniques) depending on injuries or physical issue.

Guiding Principles

As my client you are my only focus.When we work together it’s all about you! I will offer my professional assistance and you will be actively involved in designing a written, long-term program based on your needs to guide you to attain your specific health and fitness goals.

Results are not optional! You are choosing to work with me as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach to guide you to optimal health and performance, anything less is not worth your time or money.

Your body is a temple. It is the only one you have and your investment in my services is the wisest investment you will ever make in your health. You are choosing to invest in your fitness and wellness for the long-term, and to feel and look great all the time.

Success starts first in the mind. You believe that you get what you focus on. If you focus on success and take action to achieve your goals, you know you will succeed. You do not give up or ‘throw in the towel’ when it appears that things are not going your way.

Where I Work

I offer my Personal Training Toronto Services at The Adelaide Club, a modern, high-end facility in the Toronto Financial District (First Canadian Place at Adelaide and Bay) with state-of-the-art equipment. Memberships to the club are available if you wish to train with me on a regular basis. However, if you can train with me  you can train with me as a non-member by paying the additional day-pass fee for each session.

In-Home Training

I am available on a very limited basis to meet and work at your home or condo-gym. Exceptions may apply if you live in the Toronto downtown core. Otherwise travel time will be billed.

Virtual Coaching

I offer program design, meal planning and nutrition coaching by phone and email.

Contact Me

If you would like to book an appointment, or if you have any questions, please click here to contact me by email.


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