Private Cooking Instruction

What Private Bulk Cooking Instruction at Home is all About

Hey I’m Darren Stehle, the founder of All About Meal Planning, and if you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I make something different? I’m tired of always cooking the same meals.”
  • “How can I cook dinner at home when I work long hours?”
  • “How can I eat healthy meals at home when I don’t know how to cook?”
  • “How can I spend less money on all my food and eating out?”

Or if you’ve wondered about creating a healthy meal plan for the week, for yourself or your family, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how private bulk cooking instruction helps save you money, have healthy, prepared  meals, and reduce stress.

How much money do you normally spend on food, between lunches, take out, going to restaurants or buying something for dinner the same day?

Weekly Bulk Cooking Can Reduce Your Total Food Bill By 50% or More

If you did one big ‘grocery run’ per week before a bulk cook, you would probably spent half of the amount of a regular week on eating out and buying smaller portions of groceries to cook one meal at a time.

You’ll Make Better Food Choices When You Have Meals Ready to Eat

When we’re hungry, do we make the best food choices? Not always: we might eat a healthy, balanced meal, but more often than not it’s too easy to buy something prepared and quick.

But store-bought, take-out and fast food is not the healthiest choice. And this gets expensive after a while.

Assorted Vegetables

Come home, stress-free and relaxed to a home-cooked meal

After a long day at work, of if you have blood sugar issues, the last thing you want to do is to cook.

When we make the time, once per week, to meal plan and cook in bulk, you will always have a variety of healthy meals ready to heat up and eat.

Introducing Private Bulk Cooking at Home

Our First Meeting

Our first meeting is exploratory: in the initial consultation at your home, we will discuss your goals and current life-work balance in order to design your upcoming cooking session.

For example, perhaps you currently work long working hours, have a newborn or kids at home, and as a result spend little time spent in the kitchen.

Your goals might be to have healthier meals, readily available, that cater to your food preferences. We will select a few recipes or style of cooking that suits your needs.

We will assess your kitchen set-up to determine if you need any additional kitchenware (like knives, utensils, pots and pans, storage containers, etc.), and to see what food supplies you have in your fridge and cupboards to teach you how to be prepared for healthy bulk cooking.

Learn more about my methods and what I teach at

After the consultation we will follow up by email to confirm the meal plan, grocery list and decide upon needed supplies.

“Darren’s coaching style is very relaxed, and made the whole cooking session very enjoyable.”

Our First Bulk Cooking Session

As we work together in the kitchen we will discuss tips on cooking techniques, like chopping and steaming vegetables, how to organize ingredients to do things faster, and how to use the oven (and your time) more efficiently.

Bulk cooking, and making three or more different meal plans might seem scary and potentially overwhelming, but working together you will be surprised how easy it is, and how after a couple of hours in the kitchen you will have so many prepared meals as a result of your work.

One of the advantages of enjoying this private instruction at your home is how you will learn to make extra side dishes with any of the leftover ingredients, which might otherwise go bad in your fridge or be thrown away.


Here’s what we cover in the cooking session

  • Step-by-step, simple meal planning;
  • How to efficiently shop for groceries. Making a list, what to buy and why;
  • What to stock in your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer to prepare and cook 5-7 days worth of food;
  • How to make a meal on the fly from the food supplies available in your kitchen;
  • Knife skills: how to cut safely and easily;
  • How to prepare and cook the basics: vegetables, starchy carbohydrates (e.g. rice, quinoa) and various meats (testing for doneness and not over-cooking);
  • The spices and flavourings needed to make your meals taste delicious;
  • Food presentation, and;
  • How you can save you hundreds of dollars in a week or a month by cooking from scratch at home.

About Darren: You don’t have to be a chef!

In 1987 I completed the Chef Training Certificate at George Brown College and have mastered the skill of cooking healthy, quickly, easily and inexpensively for over 25 years. 

My goal is to offer a relaxed, fun and educational approach to cooking. You don’t need to know it all. You just need the basics and you’ll be on your way! AdelaideClub_PTs-115

Client Testimonial

“The week after our cooking session was so different in terms of meal planning. It was so enjoyable not to have to worry about what we were going to prepare for dinner every day. Having our food ready within minutes reduced at least one stress during the week.”

Read the complete testimonial...

Here’s where I work in Toronto

I am available to teach in Downtown Toronto, including Cabbagetown, Rosedale, Corktown, The Distillery District, The Annex, the Financial District, The Bay Street Corridor, The Entertainment District, Harbourfront, York South, Cityplace, The Fashion District, Chinatown, Alexandra Park and Kensington Market. 

Pricing Options

  • First Meeting and Bulk Cooking Session — $495 + HST
  • Grocery Store Shopping Session — $100 + HST
  • Meal Planning or Cooking Assistance — $80/hour + HST

*You are responsible for the cost of all groceries and supplies.

If you want to save 50% or more on your weekly food bill, reduce your stress and have meals prepared for a week for lunches and dinners, all you have to do is fill out the form below to contact me to set up our first meeting.

To book an appointment or if you have question, please click here to contact me by email.

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